FuNny SmS

Teacher : usne khudkhushi kar li, use khudkhushi karni padi, farak batao student : pehla padha likha berojgar tha, dusra shadi-suda tha
1 aadmi ne 100 times blood donate kar k record banaya Blood bank walo ne uski wife ko bhi prize diya ye kehte hue ki “Apne nahi piya, tabhi to Humne liya.”:-) Amjad (27586)
Santa: I am so miser (kanjoos) that I went alone for my honeymoon and saved half the money. Bania: That is nothing, I saved full money. I sent my wife for honeymoon with a friend. syed (27574)
ishq ke saamunder me gota lagaya …….. pani bahut thanda tha main bahar nikal aaya…… wah! wah! pawan (23702)
What is diff b/w Orange and Apple? Think! ? Color of Orange is Orange but Color of Apple is not Apple Rohan (23153)
What is the height of confusion? Two earth worms Playing HIDE AND SEEK in a Plate full of noodles. Navaneet (21670)
Question: What happened when two sardars were waiting for buses numbered 1 and 2? Answer: When bus number 12 came, they both climbed on! sudhanshu tambi (21610)
i want 2 be wid u in a nice restaraunt in acandle light dinner and say the beautiful 3 words ‘pay the bill’ chinna (21260)
rat 2 baje kisi ne bajai bel rat 2 baje kisi ne bajai bel mene gate khola to watchman bola all is well kumar (19286)
Child 2 d sales girl in a sweet shop, Will u marry me wen i grow up. Girl smiled & said : Yes Child: Can u give Ur future husband a free chocolate…:) rohith (19263)
If u r stressed, youll get pimples.. if u cry,ull get wrinkles.. So, y dont u smile & get dimples? pranay (19253)
The difference betwin Best frnd and Just frnd? When you r in hospital, Just frnd asks: Tabiyat kaisi hai? And Best frnd aska: Nurse kaisi hai..!! SAM SETHIYA (19226)
DARU se NASHA badhta he, NASHE se junun, JUNUN se mehnat, MEHNAT se paisa, PAISE se izat. isliye IZAT paneke liye, DARU pina Bahut jaruri he. suraj (19197)
Namaskar Agar Dharti Par ho to SMS bhejo, Asmaan par ho to Barish bhejo, Swarg me ho to Apsara bhejo aur agar Narak me ho to ENJOY YOURSELF….
A pig fell in love with a chicken & they both married each other. next day, pig died of bird flu & the chicken died of swine flu …!! AJAB PREM KI GAJAB KAHANI !! partha (19143)
an IDEA can change ur life….. but DOCKOMO can change ur wife Goutham (19134)
“Me sick, no work” Boss SMS back: “When I am sick I kiss my wife try it” 2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss: “Me ok, ur wife very sweet” pd (19120)
A touching luv story A boy & a girl loved each other 1 day while talking,boy touched girls hand & girl in return touched boys hand wat a touching story! haa…haaa… 😀 divya sakkarwal (19073)
Q : what is the full form of maths ?Think A : mentally affected teacher harrasing students. Team SMS (19025)
Student scared of a thrashing bcz of poor marks did not go home and joind royal challengers bangalore! Why??Bcz they dont beat anyone. Team SMS (19022)
Wat is difference between poison n Alcohol?If u drin alcohol,u wil dance arnd people..If u drink poison,ppl will dance arnd u! Team SMS (18886)
God:I cant be everywhere so i created Mother!!Evil:I too cant b everywhere so i created Mother-in-Law Team SMS (18878)
Only True frenz stand by u during bad times…I promise i will attend ur wedding. Team SMS (18793)
DARU se NASHA badhta he, NASHE se junun, JUNUN se mehnat, MEHNAT se paisa, PAISE se izat. isliye IZAT paneke liye, DARU pina Bahut jaruri he. Team SMS (18782)
Apna hath apne sir par phero. Ek bar fir phero,dubara phero, chalo ek bar fir akhri bar phero. Ab to tumhe yakin ho gya hoga k GADHE k sir par seeng nahi hote Team SMS (18672)
wat is d diffrnce betwn completed n finished??if u find gud spouse u r completed otherwise u r finishd !!! Team SMS (18661)
Guide: Welcome 2 Niagra falls. Sound intensity is so high dat even 20 supersonic jets cant b heard. Now may i requst d ladies 2 b silent so we can hear d falls Team SMS (18617)
The last fight was my fault. My wife asked, ‘What’s on the TV?’… said, ‘Dust!’ Team SMS (18614)
American:Oh God give me room full of Gold.Russian:oh God!give me room full of Diamonds.India:Oh God!give me keys of both d rooms.
Man at medical shop: I need poison.Chemist: I can’t sell u that.Man shows wife’s photo.Chemist: Oh! Sorry, I didn’t know u had a prescription. Team SMS (18606)
In the corridor of a govt office was a signboard that read,”Do not make a noise”Someone added the following”Otherwise we may wake up”… Team SMS (18541)
Why does d bride & groom xchange garlands at d time of wedding….. B’coz they say each affectionately that : “DARLING NOW U R DEAD”……….. Team SMS (18522)
What a man want?Ek ladki jo Pyaar dey Ek ladiki jo Accha khana banayeEk ladki jo usse Dil se chaheAur??Teeno ladkiyan 1 dusre se na mile Team SMS (18497)
Lalu k pichhe ek chhota sa kutta pad gaya..!!Lalu bola..!! Sala hum to BSNL ka card dalaya hu..Ye sala HUTCH ka Network kaise pakad lia. Team SMS (18496)
when words fail,silence works.when silence fails,eyes works.when eyes fail,heart works.when heart fails…samajh le TAPAK GAYA Team SMS (18491)
Fathr to son aftr xam:Let me c ur report card…Son:My frend just took it to scare his parents!!! Team SMS (18413)
Friends are like asian paints ‘duniya badal de’. Girlfriends are like everest masale ‘taste mein best’. Wife is like mosquito coil ‘dhoond dhoond ke maare!’ Team SMS (18403)
1commerce Walikya gaali degi?Saale bounced cheque,Dharti pe liablity, Pedaishi bad debts, Dishonured bill,Insolvent aadmi,Itna marungi ki balance Nahi bachega Team SMS (18376)
Mere dost ki ek saheli thi,dosti hui to paheli thi,pyar hua to jaan hatheli pe thi,aur shadi hui to pata chalagrant road ki CHAMELI thi. Team SMS (18330)
U Ned Heart Ye Dil Apka Hua U Ned Frnd Mujse Dosti Karoge U Ned Joy Dhom Machaly Dhom U Ned Hlp Main Hu Na U Ned Cash Hum Apke HAIN Kaun? Team SMS (18325)
Apne Teacherz Ki Bohat Respect KijiyeKyon KKyon K Is Duniya Mai Murghi K Elawa Wo Wahid Personality HainJo Ap Ko Anda De Sakti hain Team SMS (18324)
99 SAAL ka ek aadmi SWARG ki RONAK aur APSARA dekh kar boLaye RAMDEV BABA aur unke PRANAYAAM ke CHAKKAR me NA pada hota to yahan PAHLE hi AA GAYA HOTA. Team SMS (18255)
Jo Jeete Wo SikandrJo Haare Wo Jail Ke AndarJo sMs Bheje Usko Jadu Ki JhappiJo Na Bheje Usko BANDAR Ki Pappi Team SMS (18225)
Which buildings has the most stories?……….The Library.. Team SMS (18210)
Do you know which is the oldest animal in the world??Give up??Well its,Zebra – Coz its still Black and White n not in Color! Team SMS (18157)
In 1975,3 birds wer flyin n suddenly they died.Y?….Coz neeche gabbar singh bolta hai..Aadmi 3 aur goli 6,bahot nainsafi hai dishkyu-dishkyu-dishkyu Team SMS (17977)
A student asked 2 write a signboard 4 d traffic rules near college campushe wrote;”Drive carefully! Don’t kill students, wait for teachers” Team SMS (17938)
Biology teacher-There are 3 types of sexually transmitted diseases..And..”YOU’LL GET AT-LEAST ONE OF THEM IN EXAM!!” Team SMS (17888)
Behind every successful student there isa girl friend… But,what about unsuccessful student ?Lots ofgirl friends…! Team SMS (17887)
Sir to Student:”What is the Similarity Btween Girl frnd & Mobile??” Student:- Sir Both are Diconnected WhenThere is “No Balance” Team SMS (17805)
How do you express two words,with exactly the opposite meanings,in a single sentence…?Any guesses?No?Say:”HAPPILY MARRIED” Team SMS (17795)
Man receives telegram: Wife dead-should be buried or cremated? Man: Don’t take any chances. Burn the body and bury the ash Team SMS (17777)
2 ways to suicide.1) QUICK DEATH:Take a BIG rope,tie it around ur neck & hang urself.2) SLOW DEATH:Take a SMALL rope, tie it on a girl’s neck to marry…! Team SMS (17682)
Namaskar ! Jago baalak, Surya uday ho chuka hai, Pavitra snan purn karke, mata pita k charan chu k, sundar ladkiyo k darshan par nikal pado. Team SMS (17675)
A small argument betwn a couple turns violent.Angry Husband: Do not let d animal in me cum out.Wife: Who is scared of a mouse Team SMS (17665)
Humorous Fact:We Live in a Funny World bEcAuSe Pizza Reaches Home Faster than the Ambulance or Police..JAGO INDIA JAGO!!- Team SMS (17573)
What is d height of Flirting?……..When ur LUV letter starts withTO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN. Team SMS (17558)
Why is Gandhiji smiling on all currency notes?Because if he cries..All notes will get ‘wet’.. Team SMS (17423)
Kabhi kisi ladki se book nahi mangni chahiye..? Nahi to chanta bhi lag sakta hai..? kyoki fullform of book is :-B=BabyO=onlyO=oneK=kiss Team SMS (17404)
A man in US kicks a dog to death which was abt to bite a lady.Paper reports:US citizen saves lady frm dog.Man says I’m not U.S citizen.So reprt changd,foreign hero saves lady frm dogMan says he is frm Pak Nxt days headlines:Terorist attacks local dog. Team SMS (17401)
Behind every successful student, there is 1 girl friendButWhat about a failedstudent ?A Beautiful Teacher. Team SMS (17380)
He said.Do u love me just because my father left me a fortune?She said.Not at all honey, I would love u no matter who left u the money. Team SMS (17314)
Vajpayee was talking about family planning in a speech laloo got angry n said if u dont play the game,Dont make the rules!! – Team SMS (17293)
Aaj kal ki Ladkiyo ke kapde…Yaha se Less,Waha se Less,Kabhi SleevLesstoKabhi BackLessaurKoi Ladka Ghur ke Dekhe to Bolti hai..”Oh, How Mannerless. Team SMS (17292)
Q :- How do you tell a rose to go to the moon? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A :- Gulab Jamoon. Team SMS (17279)
Wads d diff btwen Gandhi,Musharraf & Lalu?Gandhi-Didnt knw wats lie,Musharraf-Dsnt knw wads d truthLalu-Dsnt know d diff btwn lie n truth Team SMS (17226)
In India, parents say “Study well my son, Otherwise u wont get a job.”In america-“Study wel my son,othrwise any “INDIAN” wil grab ur JOB” Team SMS (17225)
You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!! Just a second, don’t misunderstand. CUTE means: Creating Useless Troubles Everywhere.. Team SMS (17185)
SITA k vanvas jaane me bahut badi seekh hai,Ghar me agar 3-3 saas ho to JUNGLE hi theek hai!!!! Team SMS (17175)
A kid went 2school 4the first time.Teacher told her ifu had 2 go 2 Toilet,raise ur index finger.Kid is puzzled n asks,Thats going 2 stop it? Team SMS (17073)
Y does Waheeda Rehman never changes her saree in the film GUIDE?Coz Dev Anand says:O mere humrahi,meri baanh thame chalna,badle duniya SARI,tum na badalna..!! Team SMS (16963)
What will be the girl’s name born on 1st of APRIL? Guess Guess Guess Guess “FOOLAN DEVI.. Team SMS (16854)
Daru Se Nasha Badhta Hai Nashe Se JununJunun Se Mehnat Mehnat Se Paisa Paise Se Izzat Isliye Izzatdar Whi H Jo Daru Pita H..Chears.. Team SMS (16843)
BRAIN DRAIN:1.Do u gAin Weight if u jog bAckwArd?2.If u try 2 fAil n u succeed,did u fAil or succeed?3.If i sAve time,When do i get it bAck? Team SMS (16832)
Log kehte h ki khuda ne aapko badi fursat me banaya h,Theek hi kehte h “FALTOO” kaam fursat me hi to kiye jate h. Team SMS (16789)
Unmarried girl got pregnant went to insurance office for claim.Officer:ur policy covers sickness,accident,not pregnancy.Girl: it was an accident Team SMS (16722)
Whenever u have to make a decision, Listen to ur Heart Then ur head & Then finally Do… What ur WIFE tells u to do…?? Team SMS (16710)
If u see the moon,u can see the beauty of god. If u see the Sun,u can see the power of god. If u see the mirror,u can see the comedy of god! Team SMS (16704)
If Reliance group launches a diaper,what will b d slogan? Ab kar lo susu chaddi me!! Dhirubhai ka sapna,har langot me diaper apna.. Team SMS (16672)
Brain is very important part of body. It is active 24 hours 365 days. It starts working When u r born & Continues working till u marry. Team SMS (16665)
Hi Kaise ho? Ghar Pariwar? Mata Pita Ji? Kaam kaaj? Makan gaadi? Tabiyat pani? Aqal dimag? Jab sab theek h to phir sms Q nahi karte Team SMS (16631)
All tragedies are finished by a death.. All comedies are finished by a marriage.. Team SMS (16600)
friends jaldi check karo: Kya Tumhara T.V. Chal RAHA Hai? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Pakad Lo, Nhi To Bhag Jayeg Team SMS (16575)
Most peoplehave 5 senses.Some peoplehave 6 senses.But u r blessedwith 7 senses.An extra senseisNON SENSE Team SMS (16542)
Boys have fun by teasing girls, Then girls cry 4 few minutes Girl hav fun by loving boys, Then boy cry 4 life time! Funny but it’s fact Team SMS (16529)
To b happy with a man,love him a little n understand him a lot.To b happy with a woman,love her a lot n DO NOT TRY to understand her. Team SMS (16528)
Once a boy askd god: “Is it wrong 2 sleep wth a girl b4 marriage?” God replied: “No, it’s not,but d problm is dat u rascles don’t sleep!” Team SMS (16510)
Who walks wth us through d difficlt path of life? Mom/Dad? -No Wife? -No Frnds? -No Lover? -No Only our CHAPPALS. So keep them safe! Team SMS (16496)
Alibaba or 40 chor the AbAlibaba or 30 Chor ho gye Pucho q?ThinkRecession boss!10 chorKo nikal Diya Team SMS (16444)
U cAn control ur breAth bt not deAth,u cAn control ur Life bt not ur Wife,u can control ur Emotion bt not ur”Loose Motion” Team SMS (16416)
Why do men spend so much time on improvng their STYLES & not their MIND?Bcoz they know that Women are STUPID but not BLIND! Team SMS (16412)
Wisest thought of the century:”Men wouldn’t be going to hell for lying if women didnt ask so many questions…” Team SMS (16399)
TRUE FACT:NOBEL PRIZE is not given for MATHS BECAUSE,ALFRED NOBEL’s wife ran away with a MATHS PROFESSOR… Funny but Fact…! Team SMS (16387)
Wats d diff btwn Pongal n idly?think.think..think…U ll get a holiday for pongal but not for idly. Team SMS (16321)
Kya apki skin dhool mitti se affect ho rahi hai?to har roj subah lagaiye”ASIAN PAINT”jo dhool ko tikne na de… Team SMS (16313)
Lips jab lips se milte hai to kya hota hai . . . . . . . . . Hamesha galath mat socha karo. Muh band ho jata hai aur kya… Team SMS (16282)
Ek aadmi ne apne dono hatho me ghadi pehni aur uski maut ho gai,Kyo? Kyoki, woh DO ghadi ka mehman tha. Team SMS (16217)
Best punishment dat u can give 2 male..Give him a mobile with a set of girls phone no.’s & put him in a place where there’s no network!! Team SMS (16212)
A devoted husband is one who thinks of his wife while sleeping with others, rather than thinking of others while sleeping with his wife! Team SMS (16136)
Siddhu ki MAA ko gussa kab aata hai?jb Siddhu laughter challenge me has has kr contestant se kehta hai,bs kar mere BAAP Team SMS (16124)
Height of Unemployment Board in Frnt of a Reputed Software Company”BEGGARS WITH PLATE & FRESHERS WITH RESUME N0T ALLOWED!!!” Team SMS (16067)
From Mon to Sun,From Jan To Dec, From birth till my death, my feelings 4 u have never changed. For me, you’ve always been a headache.. Team SMS (16012)
Lakh koshish karu bhulane ki,magar 1 baat reh reh kar sathati hai.Teri grl frnd rakhti kai karva choth,or har baar umar meri kyu badh jati hai. Team SMS (15941)
if I was a Painter u wud b myPaintng if I was an Authoru wud b my Story if I was a Poetu wud b myPoem bt un4tunatly I’m a Cartoonist. Team SMS (15928)
Eating rotten fruit, Sleeping near drainage, Dog biting twice, Travelling in govt bus..r a million times better than believing a Girl. Team SMS (15833)
PJ TIME..Beat dis one..Aasmaan ko alvida kaise kaho ge…??…TATA sky…– Team SMS (15788)
:Sweetest Kiss is on forehead,Laveliest Kiss is on cheeks,Romantic Kiss is on Lips,And Hottest kiss is on..Guess..On Bikes Silencer! Team SMS (15753)
Women claim that all gud men are married, while all wives complain about their lousy husbands.This proves that there is no such thing as a gud man! Team SMS (15741)
Fact of Millennium Whnevr u Throw a Stone in d Streets of Chennai or Banglore,It’ll Surely HitA Dog…or..An ENGINEER! Team SMS (15740)
An Engineering Studnt 2 His Sweeper:Brother I Hav Got DegreeI Hav Got KnowledgeI Can Sit in Society.What Do U Hav?Sweeper:I Hav The Job. Team SMS (15727)
Kabhi Kehta Tha Dost Hamara Ek Jaan Bhi Maango To Hazir Hai Aaj Apni GF Ko Jaan Kehta Hai, Aur Maango To Inkaar Karta Hai Team SMS (15725)
Girls heart is like WATER,Boys heart is lik MOBILE..Either water fals on mobile(or)mobile fals in water,Vaat to mobile ki hi lagti hain!! Team SMS (15704)
U hav cute eyes. U hav swt nose. U hav smart look.U hav sharp brain.Oh no!Phir se galat number pe send ho gaya.; Team SMS (15646)
Tip to reduce alcohal consumption :”Before marriage drink only on the days when u r sad, After marriage drink only on days when u r Happy!” Team SMS (15629)
TeachIf U hv 12 Chocolates & u giv 5 to SONAL, 4 to NEHA & 3 to TINA den wat wil U hv Now? SAHIL: 3 New Galfrndz! Team SMS (15621)
At marriage function, old ppl usd 2 pull my cheeks & say “U R NEXT”Nw they stopped it.U knw y? B coz I startd doing d same at funerals! Team SMS (15605)
A boy wrote Luv letter wid BLOOD 2 a Medical girl & said Khat ka jawab Zarur dena, Girl replied: Blood group B+ Haemoglobin 8gm, Sugar-120 Team SMS (15482)
Ek Admi Chupke Se Nark Se Swarg Me Ghus Gaya,Farishto Ne Use Khub Mara,Wo Utha, Kapde Zade Or Bola Isi Harkat k Karan Koi Swarg Me Nai Ata.! Team SMS (15451)
Thngs in Boys room b4 marrge- Perfums, Luv lettrs, Gifts, F’shp bands, Cards, posters nd lots more Aftr marriage- Painkilers, Loan papr, Unpaid bils.. Team SMS (15449)
She is HOt!She is sweet!She always needa Lip4KissWhole World’sMaD 4 herWHO is She? Do U Know?She is”TEA”Chai piyo,Mast jiyo. Team SMS (15434)
One day I’ll die & go out of ur life forever,thn plz do buy sum nice & beutful flowers 4 my grave frm the money which u r savinG Team SMS (15425)
U love sumone.. U marry sumone else. The one u marry Bcoms ur wife or husband & the one u loved Bcoms the password of ur email id. Team SMS (15412)
2eyes r best frnds Both wil blink 4gethe, move,cry,c &sleep 2gether.Bt if dey c a girl,only 1wil blink.Moral:A girl cn break any relation Team SMS (15379)
Gajini Dekhne K Baad Ye Ehsas Hua Ki Hum B Aamir Khan Se Kuch kum Nhi Hai Hum BiBi Ki Sunte H Samjte H Fir 15 Min Baad Sab Bhul Jate Hai. Team SMS (15376)
Sms B Bade Kamal Ki Chiz He 20Gadho Ko Sms Karo 10Padte He 5Ko Smjh Me Aata He 4 To Kanjus Hote He 1Murga Kismat Se Fasta H Jo Reply Karta H Team SMS (15359)
|| Height OfSelf-Confidence ||Teacher ToStudent:”You Are Late …?”Student:”Late .. !!!Who Me … ?No Way Sir ! I’m Alive…” Team SMS (15310)
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z isme 1 missing hai?2 times padhte ho..sharam nhi aati?ABCD me “1” kaha aata hai? Team SMS (15266)
Agar apne DIMAG ko test karna ho to Gai k samne le jao..Agar wo dur gai to samajh lena ki dimag me GOBAR hai Agar pas ayi to Bhusa he Team SMS (15227)
Advertisement of a beauty parlour in NEW YORK city:”Dont whistle at any women going out from here, she might be your grandmother!” Team SMS (15222)
Y word ‘Women’ begin with a ‘W’ ?Bcoz all major Questions begin with ‘W’.What ?Why?Where?When?Who?Whom?With Whom?Which?? Team SMS (15220)
From Mon to Sun, From Jan To Dec, From birth till my death, my feelings 4 u have never changed. For me,you have always been a headache Team SMS (15168)
Hello, this is GOD. I make few bad creations but you are the worst monster I ever realised. My apologies on behalf of the whole world. Team SMS (15167)
ONCE UPON A TIME a LEGEND loved sending messages n FOOLS enjoyed reading them, now the LEGEND is back and the History continues..!! Anyways Team SMS (15164)
THE best frnd is 1who stands in ur exam hall n says HOW MUCH WIL U WRITE COME FAST”GIRLS ARE LEAVING” Team SMS (15140)
Girl To Her Boy Friend:Darling, Do You Know Handsome N Smart Boys Always Get Stupid Girl Friends.Boy: Thanks For The Compliment, Darling Team SMS (15079)
:Telling A Lie Is A Fault 4 A Little Child,An Art 4 A Lover, An Accomplishment 4 A Bachelor & 4 A Married Man It’s A Matter Of Survival.. Team SMS (15078)
once a ant and a mosquito married. but on I night mosq was sitting with tears outside the room why??????because ant has switched on the Goodnight mat. Team SMS (15067)
All married men say after yrs of marriage that,My marriage is made of trust & understanding.She doesn’t trust me & I dont understand her Team SMS (15025)
What is Education? “Wasting quarter part of life, to learn how to waste the remaining part of life…” Team SMS (14975)
Har mard ki life dekho toWithout shadi SPIDERMAN Shadi k time SUPERMAN Shadi k bad GENTLEMAN or Biwi khubsurat ho to puri umar WATCHMAN Team SMS (14942)
Honey Said,”I’m D Sweetest In D World”.God Laughed & Said, “Wait, U’ve Not Met D Person Reading Dis sMs”Moral-“Even God Lie’ Team SMS (14937)
Wife-I wish I was a newspaper so I’d be in ur hands all day. Husband-I too wish d same, so I could have a new 1 everyday Team SMS (14918)
Technology Impact: Dad emails: Dear son, How r u, ur mom and i are fine & v miss u lot,Plz turnoff ur PC & cum downstairs for dinner.. Team SMS (14905)
.Laila ki shadi mey lafda ho gayaLaila ki shadi mey lafda ho gayaMajnu itna naacha ki langda ho gaya!! Team SMS (14902)
Why do women wear watches on their right hand and men on their left hand?……To see the time,what else.!? Team SMS (14882)
loyal & faithful partner can really bring wonders in one’s life.But these kinda species r disappearing frm d face of planet. Team SMS (14879)
10% of road accidents r due to drunken driving Which makes it logical stmt dat 90% of accidents r due to driving without drinking! Team SMS (14792)
Light can replace Sun.Parents can replace God.But nothing in World can replace YOU..!Why.?!?LOCAL ITEMSNo GuaranteeNo Replacement Team SMS (14765)
A depressed person got connected 2 a call center in Pakistan.He said he was on the verge of suicide.They got excited and askd…Can u fly a plane…?!– Team SMS (14736)
One american boy giving interview 4 admission in school. Madam asks who is ur father? His mother says: please ask simple questions madam! Team SMS (14732)
Ek conductor ki shadi ho rahi thi, jab Dulhn phero ke waqt uske pas akar baithi to vo bola thoda pas ho k baith, ek sawari or baith sakti hai Team SMS (14714)
When a Man Opens the Door of His Car for His Wife, You Can Be Sure of 0ne Thing : Either the Car is NEW or the Wife. Team SMS (14670)
COMPARISON of a CHOCOLATE &a KISS!1)Both r sweet & any time.2)Melt slowly.3)Sharing impossible.4)More enjoyble when no one is watchng. Team SMS (14668)
What is diff b/w Orange and Apple? Think! ? Color of Orange is Orange but Color of Apple is not Apple. Team SMS (14655)
How can U cut a road?Hint: Hee hee ha haNai samje?:-)By smiling!Haste-2 kat jae raste, zindagi yuhi chalti raheSo keep smiling! Team SMS (14642)
I Know Alcohol’s bad..But I take alcohol only on days startin wit “T” tuesday&thursday& today,tomorrow, taturday, tunday&every tingle day! Team SMS (14636)
Breaking News: Latest sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team: Whisper Ultra.BCCI felt it appropriate as the team is undergoing its worst PERIOD Team SMS (14625)
What is the diff.between”GHAZAL” &”LECTURE”?Every word spoken by the girlfriend is “GHAZAL”andEvery word spoken by wife is “LECTURE” Team SMS (14597)
Hamari dua hai aapko KRISH ka josh,UMRAOJAN ka pyar.BABUL ka dular MUNNA BHAI ki jhappi,DHOOM KI bike,VIVAH ki wife aur DON ki life mile.. Team SMS (14591)
Men want 3qualities in wives: Economist in kitchen ,artist in home&devil in bed. But they get artist in kitchen,devil in home and economist in bed. Team SMS (14566)
Whats Karan Johar up to?K3G: Love ur parents.KHNH: Love ur neighbors.KANK: Luv others wife.& nowDostana: Love the Same Gender! Team SMS (14560)
Attitude of girls Whn a boy sends dirty sms She laughs for 10 min, forward dat 2 her frnds n then replies d boy i dont like that kind of msg Team SMS (14542)
Khuda ne JAb tujhe bAnaya hoga,Confusion ka Moment Aya HogA,KAbi Donkey to KAbi Monkey ChAha hoga,End me Dono ka Mix PAsand aya hoga.! Team SMS (14517)
Full Form of Girl-G-Gossipe me sabse aage,I-Innocent sirf shakal se,R-Rone ki automatic machine,L-Ladai me sabki maa. Team SMS (14516)
Ye pyar b ajeeb cheez hai.Maa se ho to mamta.papa se ho to kartavya.Bhai se ho to dharm.Behen se ho to farz.Aur biwi se ho to…Sonumonuchotupappu Team SMS (14474)
Slogan written on a bald man’s T-shrt GOD MADE SUM PERFECT HEADS ON D REST HE PUT HAIR 2 HIDE HIS MISTAKE Team SMS (14463)
Son:I wana tel u something Dad: Its not gud 2 talk while eating(After eating) Dad: Now tell me Son: There was a Cockroach in ur food! Team SMS (14339)
1 Bhakt Ashram Me Jake SwamiG Se-SwamiG Mera Puja Me Mann Nai Lagta! Kya Karu? Swami:Us Puja Ko Mere Pass Bhejo Shayad Mera Man Lag jae! Team SMS (14329)
whats d diff betwen problem,talent & skill?2 boys luv 1 grl =problem!1 boy luvs 2 grls =talent!If the two lovers r sisters each other then that is skill.. Team SMS (14309)
What is the difference between Monkey &Donkey ?Monkey saves thismessage & Donkey deletes thismessage.Now Choice is ur . Team SMS (14177)
I love “u”, I love “u”, I love “u”, I love “u”, I love “u”, I love “u” Hey! Don’t get excited, I love other alphabets too..v, x , y , z !! Team SMS (14131)
Life is really funny..We dont love the person who loves us and our loved one can never be ours..No one can unlock this puzzle..Its sounds funny but its real!: Team SMS (14100)
I saw six men kicking and punching the mother in law. My neighbour saidAre you going to help?I said No six should be enough. Team SMS (14070)
Love Starts Frm Eyes Grows With Gifts Ends With Tears But 2day LoVe Starts 4m Mobiles Grows Wth Balance Ends Wth Numbr BUSY Team SMS (14025)
Which is d most confusing day in U.S.A?. Fathers day..!!coz..NOBODY knows whom to wish…. Team SMS (14012)
Jara sambhal ke chalna,jyada bhari cheez nahi uthana,apna khayal rakhna, khana thik se khana, kyunki 9wa mahina shuru Ho gaya hai. Happy September. Team SMS (13962)
Think u r sitting in front of computer, what computer will think, u know…?” Intel inside, mental outside “.ha..ha..ha.. Team SMS (13943)
Keep all ur troubles in ur pocket, but be sure that ur pocket has a BIG hole… Team SMS (13889)
Wife hints 2 husband 4 a new car & say,”Dear, buy me somethng that goes 0 to 80 in 3 secs when i’m on it.”Husband gifted her a Weighing Machine.. Team SMS (13888)
True Frnd is like a Pillow U can hug when ur in troublU can cry on wen ur in pain &U can embrace wen ur hapySo wen U need tru frnd,Spend Rs.50, Buy a pillow. Team SMS (13886)
Aik Mandir main buri neeyat wale gayab ho jate hai. Amitabh gya wog gayab, Hrithik gya woh gayab,Akshay gya woh gayab, Aishwarya gai Bhagwan gayab? Team SMS (13870)
I cnt msg u til nxt 2weeks i m going2 USA nothin special sala Bush ne 3monthSe wite house ka rent nahi diya,vasul karna hai! Team SMS (13863)
Q kiSike khyalo me khoya jaye?Q kiSiki yado me roya jaye?iS dunya k jhamele me padna hi bekar, Aaj SunDay he chalo jibhar k Soya jaye…!Happy SunDay…! Team SMS (13827)
The three dreams of a maN: To become as haNdsome as his mother thiNks., To become as rich as his child believes N have as maNy affairs as the wife suspects., Team SMS (13815)
Arz kiya hai.. ki.. Galib ne bhari mehfil me sher mara.. fir kya hua? Sherni vidhwa ho gayi.. wah wah Team SMS (13779)
India is a peace lovin country but the medals we have won in Olympics are ONLY in wrestling, boxing n shooting ! Strange! Team SMS (13769)
Sun makes moon shine Curent makes bulbs shine Wax makes candles shine But,i’m realy confusd Wat makes ur teeth shine? ‘Harpic’or ‘domex Team SMS (13714)
Apko,1 Bar Hichki Aye To Samazna I am Remembering U. .2 Bar Aae To I Want 2 Meet U.3 Bar Aye To I Miss U. .Agar,Firse Aye To Pls pani pi lena.. Team SMS (13675)
Wife looks in mirror & says:”I Look HORRIBLE, FAT & UGLY! Say somethng nice to me dear!”Husband:”UR EYESIGHT IS PERFECT” Team SMS (13621)
Yesterday I decided to SUICIDE…I went to railway track 2 die…& then ur msg came…I thought “Jab tere jaise log jee rahe hai to main kyon maru”..!! Team SMS (13601)
Hum bhi smart..Aap bhi smart..Hum bhi Gud Looking..Aap bhi Gud Looking..Bus 1 Chota sa fark hai…Hum DIL se saaf,Aap DIMAAG se. Team SMS (13539)
:Apki ‘smile’ ne saara jahan hila diya,Apki ‘smile’ ne saara jahan hila diya,COMA se jaage huye mareez ko permanently sula diya. Team SMS (13536)
70% of College studnts in d world r sufferin 4m AIDS. Can’t blive, Bt itz true…! AIDS: Attendnce & Internal Marks Deficiency Syndrom Team SMS (13508)
CHUHE NE SHERNI KO PROPOSE KIYA…ShErNi: AbEy aPNi SuRaT DeKhi hAi AaiNe mE..?ChUah: Are PagLi SuRaT Pe MaT Ja, CoNfiDeNcE To DeKh!!! Team SMS (13490)
Sabhi ladko ko suchit kiya jata haki AAJ KE DIN mobile Band rakhe KYOKI kuch shararti ladkiya rakhi sms kar sakti hai Purush janhit me jari. Team SMS (13476)
If u r married or if u hav a lover plz ignore the ing message..Others scroll down ADVANCE HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY……….!! Team SMS (13447)
Man holding woman’s hand before marriage, is love; after marriage it is self-defense Team SMS (13446)
Ur very specil for me, i’m very concerned abt ur safety . But i can’t be with u always . So please , take care me yourself when u Jump from 1 Tree 2 another! Team SMS (13207)
Sun makes moon shineCurrent makes bulbs shineWax makes candles shineBut,im realy confusdWhat makes ur teeth shine?’Harpic’or ‘domex’? Team SMS (13137)
Find keys in a Key board But do not expect a mother in mother board.Expect a BUS at a BUS Stop, but don’t expect a FOOL at a FULLSTOP. Team SMS (13135)
Zindgi kitni pyari hogi…?JabAap honge Hum Honge aur Hamare chhote-chhote pyare-pyare khubsurat se Shararti se”SMS HONGE”.. Team SMS (12953)
Class rooms are like Train:1st 2 benches r Executive coaches- Reservd 4 VIP!Middle 2 r General cmprtmnt! &Last 2 are Sleeper class!! Team SMS (12711)
Apni raah par badhte chalo,kisi ki parwa mat karo,jahan dil kahe wahan chalo,jo aage hai unse aage niklo, tabhi tum ache Rickshawala banoge Team SMS (12704)
WHY INDIA IS IN TROUBLE…POPULATION :100 CR. RETIRED =9 CR. CENTRAL GOVT=17CR. STATE GOVT=30 CR(BOTH DONT WORK).I.T. Professional =1 cr. (dont work for india).In school = 25 cr.under 5 yr.age= 1 cr. Unemployed= 15 cr.In hospital= 1.2 cr.Statics u find 7999998 person any time in jail.Then balance 2 r U me . U R BUSY IN PHILOSOPICAL THINKING. How can I handle INDIA ALONE? Team SMS (12608)
Ravan decides 2 apologise 2 Ram,knocks the door,Ram opens..Ravan stands thinkingGuess what?????Kis mooh se maafi mangu?? Team SMS (12603)
The japanese hav produced a camera dat has such a east shutter speed dat it is capable of taking a picture of a woman wid her mouth shut Team SMS (12540)
How to develop positive thinking?Ans: Watch F-TV b’coz u always think arey yaar…ok..thek hai…ye nahi to agli model ke kapde mai se kuch jaroor dikhega. Team SMS (12535)
There r only 2 situations in lyf wer u should enjoy d most.1.after completin ur studies & b4 joinin 2 work.2.After engagemnt & b4 marriage Team SMS (12527)
A person askd luv kab hota hai?A lover said-Jab time khrab ho,aap par shani Bhaari ho,Bhagwan ka aapke maje lene ka mann ho Tab luv hota hai Team SMS (12463)
“LUV” ke bare me kuch pata hai kya?LUV kya hai jan’na chahte ho?”LUV” Sri Ram Ji ka Beta tha.. for further details refer RAMAYAN…. Team SMS (12425)
Police officeExcuse me, but your dog has been chasing a man on his bicycle. Dog owneAre you crazy? My dog can not even ride a bicycle. Team SMS (12411)
First Person: My Mom does Service.second person:my mom doesnt play tennis Team SMS (12408)
Qu – What makes a man think about Candlelight Dinner?Ans – Power Failure Team SMS (12404)
My Mobile had an Accident with NOKIA. Admitted in LG Hospital, Samsung Nagar, BSNL Chok, opp. SONY gali. Dr. MOTOROLA says matter is serious. Plzzz Donate SMS Team SMS (12371)
MACHAR MARNE KA NYA STYLE: Phle mchr pkdo,fir use zmin pe lita do,fir use GUDGUDI kro, OR jaise hi HASNE k liye MUH khole, SALE ko ALLOUT pila do. Team SMS (12302)
Never run behind either bus or girlat any situation in ur life.BecauseAfter 5 minutes,U can catch another! Team SMS (12257)
Why does a man with a broken heart not need General Knowledge????Bcoz”Jab Dil hi toot gaya, to ‘G.K.’ kya karenge…” Team SMS (12214)
me aur meri tanhayee aksar ye baatein karte hai,ki tum hoti to aisa hota,tum hoti to vaisa hota,aur tum na hoti to paisa hota. Team SMS (12212)
If A Boy Givs A Luv Letter 2 A Girl, Peple Cal Him “Lofer” Bt If A Girl Givs A Letter 2 A Boy Dey Cal It “Offer” Feel D Difrence. Team SMS (12157)
Jab koi baat bigad jayeJab koi mushkil pad jayeJab aasu bhare aakho meDukh ka sagar Umad AayeTum Sirf itna he kehana……….A GANPAT, CHAL DARU LA.. Team SMS (12060)
When sadness fills ur heart.. When tears flow in ur eyes.. Always remember 3 things..1. Im wit u2. U have money3. Bar is open.So lets go.. Team SMS (12017)
When I cry no 1 see my tears..when I m woried none see my pain..when I m happy none see my smile..But Yaar1 Ladki ke sath ghuma to saala sabne dekh liya.! Team SMS (12002)
Ever since I met u I learn lots of thing 4rm u.I did not understand how n why. Den 2dy I heard”THE WISE PEOPLE LEARN MORE FROM FOOLS”!! Team SMS (11988)
A College girl was asked the meaning of Marriage Her reply : Sacrificing the Admiration of many Men for the Criticism of one Man… Team SMS (11930)
A student attached a Rs 100 note on his test paper and wrote,”Rs 1 for 1 point.”Next day he got his paper back and Rs 56 in change Team SMS (11894)
Funny but fact…Boys and Girls get into love because of misundrstandingAnd they break up because of understanding. Team SMS (11863)
What a MARRIED man says after years of marriage,My marriage is made of TRUST and UNDERSTANDING,She dose’nt TRUST me and I don’t UNDERSTAND her…. Team SMS (11857)
Without u ,life is black and white Without u ,the world is no hops no light Without u t can’t go left or right Without u i lose my sight Thank u my glasses Team SMS (11721)
I want to Share Everything with You:Your Joys Your Sadness Your Happy Moments Every Single Second of the Day. Let us START with your ATM PASSWORD first ! Team SMS (11663)
Don’t take life too seriously & always find time to laugh warna.. Log bolenge “ghr kalyug hai, aajkal cartoon b nahi haste” Team SMS (11641)
Breaking News: BATA has innovated and started BOOKINGS of new shoes which have GPS system so that they doesn’t miss the target when thrown at politicians Team SMS (11555)
Boys go to college to develop the mind, girls go to college to catch them before this happens. Team SMS (11534)
When i was sad you were there. When i was crying you were there. When i was unhappy you were there. Now i have understood ki sare fasad ki jad tu hai Team SMS (11532)
I ve written nice poem 4 you. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.. you should Know What you R.. & Once you Know What you R.. Mental Hospital is not So Far Team SMS (11528)
Think well, Plan well, Do well, Sleep well, Play well, Laugh well and Put ur mobile also into well, Bcoz ur not Messaging me Well Team SMS (11527)
LADKIYAN nahi to college bekar,Sugar nahi to Coffee bekaar,Love nahi to Life bekaar, Moon nahi to Sky bekaar.aur Tum nahi to….Zoo bekaar Team SMS (11526)
EYES: to look at u.HAND: to pray for u.MIND: to remember u.HEART: to make friendship with u.and LEG: to kick u if u forget me….So alkways remeber me!!! Team SMS (11523)
Ab tak meri life ek khuli bottle thi, Jisme se sab perfume ki tarha udd jata tha. Par aap ke aane se sab kuch ruk gaya. Bhagwan kare aap jaisa DHAKKAN sabko mile!!! Team SMS (11521)
No matter how high the sky is, How deep the ocean is, How strong the wind is, How wide the river is, I just want to tell YOU…. They’re none of YOUR BUSINESS Team SMS (11515)
The wise never marry. And when they marry they become otherwise. Team SMS (11513)
Behind every successful man, there is a woman And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two woman. Team SMS (11511)
If marriages are made in heaven , then what are made in Hell? Ans : the days after marriage Team SMS (11510)
Beautiful flowers die…. Nice stories end…… Lovely songs fade…….. .. Momeries are forgotten… .. All things comes to end….. But people like YOU always remain forever ….. ….. ….. BECAUSE GHOSTS NEVER DIE Team SMS (11499)
Smile to old means respect, Smile to a child means innocence…. Smiling infront of mobile means mental…, Still smiling!!!Confirmed… Team SMS (11498)
Clouds r white but the sky is blue, monkey like u should b kept in the zoo, dont get angry u’ll find me there too, not in the cage but laughing at u. Team SMS (11495)
Position of a husband is like a split AC. No matter how loud it is outside, but inside the house, it is designed to remain silent. Team SMS (11389)
Difference between a man buying a lottery and a man arguing with his wife? A: A man buying a lottery has a chance to win! Team SMS (11357)
A prsn who surrenders whn he’s wrong, is honest. A prsn who surrenders whn nt sure,is wise. A prsn who surrenders evn whn he’s rite, he’s husband ! Team SMS (11284)
Whats the most confusing day in america?…Thinking?…..Still thinking? …….Fathers day! Team SMS (11233)
Kash Life aisi hoti yaar .MONday ko dosti Tueday ko ikrar.WED ko pyar Thrs.ko intzar. Fri ko SHADI .SAT ko TALAK .Sun rest Monday neXT Team SMS (11232)
What is the difference between 1 : A girlfriend, 2 : A call girl, and3 : a wife??? simple …. Post paid , pre paid and lifetime …. Team SMS (11230)
A motorist hits a sparrow.He tuk d unconscious bird,put in a cage wid bread n water.Bird wakes up,luks around n screamsSALAKHENMyGod,I hv killed d motorist Team SMS (11173)
What is dSimilarity between a Successful Acountantand anAttractive Girl?…both r very conscious about their ‘FIGURES’ Team SMS (11118)
Wife se love kro,No life wthout wifeWife achhi hoti hai use pyar krna chahiye.Wife k prati wafadar aur imandar raho”WIFE KISKI HAI?”does not matter Team SMS (11114)
College is for knowledge, knowledge is for life, Life is for wife, but wife is a knife which cuts your life, So never choose your wife in college life.. Team SMS (11070)
ALCOHOLcontains FEMALE HORMONESProof:After drinkng, men gain weighttalk unnecesarilyBcome extra emotional& start fighting wthout any reason Team SMS (11036)
HOW LUV CHANGES-B4 marriage:roses r red, violets r blue, u r beautiful, i luv u!After marriage:roses r dead, i’m blue, u get on my nerves, someday i’ll kill u! Team SMS (11029)
Do u know wat is the reason for unemployment in our country? Ans: Population. Do u know d reason for population in our country? Ans: Unemployment… Team SMS (11026)
After a passionate kiss the girl whispers to the guy, “kiss me once more and I will be yours forever!” The guy says: “thanks for the warning Team SMS (11016)
Chandni raat thi,nadi ka kinara tha,asman me taro ka nazara tha,premi ne pyar se muskarate hue premika se kaha…”Darling..beedi piogi Team SMS (11008)
A prsn who surrenders whn he’s wrong, is honest. A prsn who surrenders whn nt sure,is wise. A prsn who surrenders evn whn he’s rite, he’s husband ! Team SMS (10998)
if a wife cries.. There may b a thousands of reasons..! But, if a husband cries.. There is only 1 reason – ” WIFE “ Team SMS (10954)
In a park two lovers eating chips by lookin into each other eyes. Girl: dear wht r u thinking at this moment? Boy:I think u r eating more chips than me. Team SMS (10948)
Tum ek aise DON ho jiske paas har locker ki chabi hai.Tabhi to apko ‘DON’ with ‘KEY’ kehte hain,aur hum pyar se..”DONKEY” kehte hain..! Team SMS (10942)
Do you know what is the meaning of PYAR. Friends sitting in a BAR. & saying…. “P – YAR” Team SMS (10932)
How to catch squirrels? Its simple.. First climb tree, Second Wait there! Squirrels will come in search of you! Coz they love Nutz! Team SMS (10925)
Sir:Bijli Kaha Se Aati Hai?Banta: Mama K Ghar Se.Sir:Wo Kaise?Bnta: KyuKi Jab B Bijli Jati Hai Papa Kahte Hai Saalo Ne fir kaat di! sukh (10451)
Ek chipkali ne gana sunaya? To baaki chipkaliya zameen par gir gayi..?? Pucho Kyun?? Qki baaki sabhi chipkaliya Taali mar rahi thi……. rajesh (10424)
Intizar… Na raat ka, Na din ka, Na subha ka, Na shaam ka, Na iska, Na uska…. Intizar hai to bas apke pyar bharay SMS ka. fiaz (10360)
kya aap ko pata hai ki es duniya me ek dil sirf aapike liya dhadakta hai aur o dil kiska hai? aapika aur kiska. Dejendra Rai (10300)
Phone na kia karo DEAR Mama hoti hain NEAR Papa se lagta hai FEAR Bat nahi hoti CLEAR Dewaro k b hote hain EAR Isliye SMS karo DEAR no FEAR n everything CLEAR Team SMS (10087)
Medical shayri: When you breathe,you respire Wah wah! When you breathe, you respire; Wah wah,kya baat hai When you don’t breathe,you Expire… Team SMS (10047)
Emotional Comedy:Dil ko pata tha wo jarur ayegi,dil ko pata tha wo jarur ayegi..par kabi socha na tha k surprise me wo apna Husband 7 layegi Team SMS (10033)
Think why u r so sweet,why u r so intelligent,why u r so lucky,why u r so blessed,why u r so beautiful..simple muzse fship ki hai to thoda faida to hoga hi. Team SMS (10006)
How did an intelligent boy propose to girl ,he took the girl along wid him on a boat and at the middle of river said “Marry me or leave the boat” Team SMS (10000)
If paper is vry tuf in an xam, just close ur eyes 4 a moment,take a deep breath n say “Dis is very intresting subject, I want 2 study once more” Team SMS (9988)
Nazar mili usse jab wo akeli thi , dosti hui to wo meri saheli thi, pyar hua to wo ek paheli thi, Shadi hui to pata chala wo us area ki chameli thi. Team SMS (9983)
Wats d diff btwn egyptian mummies & Indian mummies? A: Children r afraid of egyptian mummies & Fathers r afraid of Indian mummies. Team SMS (9972)
Prayer of an ideal son: Dear God, thx 4 all d blesings u hv bestowed upon me. I wont ask anythin 4 myslf, plz jst giv my parents a really hot daughter-in-law Team SMS (9965)
Question-What is the difference between vaade and yaadein? Answer- Vaade- “Hum todte hai.” Yaadein- “Hamein todti hai.” Team SMS (9961)
U r d 1 whos so smart,U r d 1 whos so charming, U r the one whose so caring,U r the one whose so good looking. And, I’m the one who is spreading these rumors. Team SMS (9959)
SITUATIONAL MESSAGE- ”Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die…” “Boley to……. Sab ko top karna hai par padhna koi nahi chahta”. Team SMS (9958)
If ur world is spining Round & Round..& Round….Ur heart is beating fast ,do u think its LOVE? na Munna na its called high B/P… Team SMS (9904)
Husband sitting near to his wife n she was driving,Husband:please slow down the speed of car.Wife:No ;please. No; please NopleaseNopls..Husband:the Newspaper ill publish ur correct Age 55 in case of axident; Ohh KHkhkhkhkhkh… Team SMS (9903)
Despite the Old saying “Don’t Take Your Troubless & Worries To Bed” Most of the People still sleep with their wives!!! WHAT A CRAZY WORLD, Good Night. Team SMS (9865)
wen i go wrong , need ur hand 2 correct, wen emotions bust out, need ur hand 2 catch, wen i win, need ur hand 2 pat. in short “YA HATH MUJHE DE DE THAKUR Team SMS (9783)
when u feel lonely and alone and could not see any one around you………..; The word seems to be fading away.. ……come along with me..i will take u to an eye Specialist Team SMS (9782)
Q: What kind of food does a race horse eat? A: Fast food Team SMS (9733)
Definition of a Nurse A young and beautiful woman who fingers u in all places n holds ur hand and then expects ur pulse to be normal Team SMS (9731)
Gud Morning… Kindly observe SILENCE for two minutes in the memory of those poor mosquitoes who died last night after sucking ur blood. Thanks Team SMS (9728)
We cannot grant you a life insurance policy because you are already 102 years old. “I do not understand. It is proven statistically that at that age only few people die.” Team SMS (9673)
so Sweet is ur SMILE???so Sweet is ur STYLE???so Sweet is ur VOICE???so Sweet is ur EYE?????see…how Sweetly I LIE Team SMS (9615)
The Japanese have produced a camera that has such a fast shutter speed it can take a picture of a woman with her mouth shut! Team SMS (9599)
Husband & wife are like liver and kidney. Husband is liver & wife kidney. If liver fails, kidney fails. If kidney fails, liver manages with other kidney. Team SMS (9598)
Chinto aur Banto Zidd kar rahe the k Mokeyi dekhna hai, Mai ne Tumhare Ghar ka address bata dia hai Wo agar aayein to 2,3 JUMP maar dena Bache hain Khush ho jainge. Team SMS (9588)
Have a horrible day without water in ur bathroom,while soap in ur eyes.Oh!sorry, dis msg is not 4 u.Its only 4 those who take bath everyday… Team SMS (9562)
Never think of the past It brings tears… If you think of the future It brings fears… So, live life in the present And drink chilled beers! Team SMS (9550)

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